Best Free Fire Player in Bangladesh 2021

In this article we'll discourse about Best Free Fire Player in Bangladesh. Who is the best free fire player? Best free fire player list etc you can know from this article.

Free Fire is the most popular Battle Royal Game in the World and also in Bangladesh. It become popular for is uniqueness, Support on low end device, Minimum age 14 for playing this game etc etc.

Now let's come to the point and let's know who's the best free fire player player in Bangladesh/ Bangladesh Server.

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Who is the Best Free Fire Player in Bangladesh?

Imran Hossan, Best Free Fire Player in Bangladesh
Imran Hossan - Best Free Fire Player in Bangladesh (2019 Year's Photo)

Imran Hossan is the best Free Fire Player in Bangladesh. He's Know as Lucifa and he is the most talented free fire player in Bangladesh and also in another countries. Imran Hossan is not so popular player in Bangladesh. He is the underrated best free fire player.

Imran Hossan is t finger mobile player and he's also a pc player. He can play well in both devices. He started playing Free Fire on PC. When We asked Imran Why he stated playing Garena Free Fire on Pc he he said, he did not have a well configuration mobile phone when he started playing. Imran Hossan specializes in both devices but, he is suitable for playing on PC.

Why Imran Hossan is the Best Free Fire Player in Bangladesh?

Imran the best Free Fire Player in Bangldesh for is mind blowing gameplay. He's expert in all weapons. But his favourite weapon are AWM and M82B. Both are snippers. He likes to use double snipper.

Imran Hossan Free Fire Skills -

  • One Tap Headshot: He's almost expert in one tap headshot. Imran Hossan m's not full expert on One Tap. But, He's trying hard for become one tap headshot expert.
  • Drag Headshot: Drag Headshot his favourite shot. He likes Drag shot with Assault Rifles and SMG Guns.
  • Double Supper: Snipper's his favourite weapons. He can use double snipper, single snipper also expert on long range and short range.

Those skills are well known on free fire. He's also expert on another free fire skill like: Movement Speed, Fast Golo Wal etc.

Is Imran Hossan Youtuber or Professional Gamer?

Imran Hossan is not a youtube or Professional gamer. He's normal free fire player and free fire e-sports player.

Best Free Fire Player List

Here are 5 best free fire player list -

  1. Imran Hossan
  2. Nayeem Alam
  3. MR Triple R
  4. ITZ Kabbo
  5. TEB Rimon

Imran Hosaan Biography

Full Name MD. Imran Hossan
Known aa Lucifa
Lives in Rangpur, Rangpur, Rangpur, Bangladesh
Age 17 Years Old
Occupation Student

Best Free Fire Player Game UId Bangladesh

Best Free Fire Player Imran Hossan's Game id - 1269157707. He's now inactive free fire player. Because, Imran Hossan lost interest from Free Fire.


There are many underrated player in Bangladesh. Our team just find a player like Imran Hossan. If you know any another best free fire player you can comment it below. But, Overall Imran Hossan is the best free fire player.


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